Funding Sources

Funding Sources

We are a preferred provider and are in-network with Medi-Cal Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Program all across California, Kern Health Family Systems, Cigna, HealthNet (TriCare) and can work with your current provider to deliver the services your loved one needs.  If you have any questions regarding costs, Medi-Cal, Private Insurance, Deductibles, or fee questions please call all our funding sources manager at (510) 241-7095.  We will find a way to assist you and ensure proper treatment is received for your child. We are in the process of becoming preferred providers and in-network providers for most insurance companies in order to ensure all children receive proper care and treatment.

Private Pay is also available.  Private pay is treatment solely financed by the parent/guardian of the child. We will sit down with you and discuss whether this could be option for you. Please call all our funding sources manager at (510) 241-7095 to discuss a payment program right for you.

funding sources

If your child is a beneficiary of one of these health plans, please contact our office today at 510-241-7095 so we can verify benefits.

We are also in the process of finalizing contracts with additional health plans. Please contact us if you do not see your health plan listed so that we can discuss your options.