ABA Therapy

ABA Treatment

At Good Kids Pediatrics we design individualized ABA therapy programs specifically designed to help children diagnosed with Autism or on the Spectrum improve independence and to ensure long-term success.  Our goal is to empower families impacted by Autism and other developmental delay medical conditions live the best quality of life that they can live.

Skills and Functional Behavioral Assessment

The first step to effective treatment is conducting the Functional Behavioral Assessment.  The assessment reveals valuable information about your child’s comparative mastery of developmental milestones.  The assessment also pinpoints challenging behaviors is exhibiting at home, school, and other social settings.  Next, an individual treatment plan is designed to carefully treat the symptoms of ASD revealed by the assessment.


At Good Kids Pediatrics, we determine the best behavioral supports to help your child be successful at school, at home, and in the community.  Since each child’s personal deficits and strengths are different, we tailor goals accordingly in their intervention plan.  We then begin individualized therapy, providing the most innovative, personalized care for each stage of treatment.  At Good Kids Pediatrics, we choose evidence-based techniques, proven to treat ASD.